Aug 6, 2011

Pirate macquette, Work desk + Other cuteness

Hi again  

As promised, I am posting up more stuff (this is only, but a tiny portion of how much I still need to post).

In this post I decided to combine whatever I have right now, related to my workspace (or what will be related to it)

If you are an animation student at Sheridan, you probably know about the Macquette Course taught by Nancy Beiman. It's such a rich in information class, with so much inspiration. I'd recommend it to everyone. It's a shame I had to miss some classes, but nonetheless, I still found it very helpful. The class focused on character design, and ways of getting out of the comfort bubble, as well as of course macquetting.

th_star.gif Our main, final assignment was to create a macquette of a character we designed. I decided on a pirate character, named Balthazar Berserk. This proud, selfish, pirate will soon be another addition to my work-area. A constant inspiration and reminder to think out of the box.    


Balthazar Berserk - First Animation Macquette
By Natalia Ross
Class of Nancy Beiman. 2011

So there he is, in all his pirate-glory. I really liked designing this character, it's a lot harder than it seems to make a 2D character turn into 3D. Very fun project indeed.

Materials: Iron Wire, Aluminum Foil, Polymer Sculpey Clay (Gray), Wooden Base.


th_star.gif Alright, so the second topic I wanted to touch up on for this post was the second-year, studio desks.
Although there is the topic of 'non-claimable' desks, I'm sure we are sensible people, and would be able to each have our own desks for the duration of the year, like the other years before us had. Personally, I can't wait to have a workspace at school, that I can call my own.

I already have some ideas for what I want to include there, and little things that maybe someone will find useful.

So, I found these super cute images of ideas for organization, as well as the CUTEST hedgehog pencil holder ever. I swear I will find a way to buy this.

isn't this the frigging cutest thing ever?!


I'm loving these polka dots for this next item set! Plus, I love the way everything looks so colourful and cute.
I have everything, but the hedgehog pencil holder, a calendar, and I just need another two pencil holders like these. I think I might just make them.



th_star.gif Oh and last but not least, I discovered this super cute, romantic, exchange couples do. It's called a couple-diary exchange. The boy and the girl (or boyxboy/girlxgirl, whichever team you play for) exchange the diary for a few days/a week, and write down their thoughts about pretty much everything. Then after a week, they exchange them again.
kuddlekats.gif image by pixelp0w4h111It just seems so romantic. *SIGH* Being single has ups and downs...
th_star.gif While on the romance topic - listen to this song  it's sooo cute/sad. Broken Angel - Arash ft. Helena (I don't really like his blabbering, but her voice is so smooth)
Yes, I am in one of my moods. Ok. Shuddup.

So, that's it for now. My next post will be sketches, and such from my camping trip with the family.
After that more drawings, clothing, school, and home decor. Anywho, I'm off!


  1. That last one , is your photo?
    Very good comp and design!

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that this is such a late reply. I thought I answered months ago, I suppose it didn't go through.

      It's not my photo, but I do agree it looks lovely!