Jun 30, 2012

Witch - Digital Painting

Here it is, my first completed (not first entirely), but finished digital painting. It's not exactly how I wanted it and obviously there is infinite room for improvement, but I feel like I finally am getting somewhere with this finally. Took me much longer than expected. However, I can tolerate looking at it, so that's already a big step forward! Now, onto working on animation and layouts! Woot!

The Witch

Jun 28, 2012

 Hi, just adding a new ID thing. Self-glorified, butchered anatomy, whatever sketch.

Jun 23, 2012

Russian Characters

Here's a few characters I came up with for a small story of my own. I am really fond of them to be most honest. Critiques are very much welcome (on anything I draw). More to come!
Babushka - based on my own grand-gran.

Jun 22, 2012

Here, have some more sketches. Today was a busy day, so this is all I could muster. 
"Agnes, is that you?"
Random horse

Albert - The flying lion-creature-thing

Fanart, Bears and other Reptiles!

Hi guys, back with another small update. More sketches, and still lots more to come. Have some dragons, lizards, bears and fanart. All for you.

Dragon Designs - quite happy with these =)



Lord of the Rings Characters

Brave - Merida and Angus (veeeery rough doodle)

Tia Dalma

Jun 20, 2012

Another Sketch Dump approaching!

Hello again friends! 

So it's that time again, to update some of my sketches and doodles. I tried to draw as much as possible this summer, still am. Just because I left Sheridan, I didn't lose the passion or will ever stop drawing =) Perhaps one day I'll be able to combine my drawings with business, for now I'll just continue to post.
Rococo Character

My little chub Cat


Much more coming tomorrow, I'm just too tired to post more today. It's way too hot in my room, for my brain to be functional at the moment.