Aug 5, 2011

1st Year Animations

Hello all!

So, I realised I haven't posted any of my animations on here yet... Why? I have no idea... I guess it never occured to me that an art blog should probably have umm? ART.  I'm sorry... *sigh* but I have them uploaded now (to my new youtube account too - MintScribble)

Here they are:

 So here they are...Aghh so many happy memories, and yet so many regrets too. Whatever, these were just 'test runs'. Blogger decided to give me trouble finding my vids too, most showed up, but I'd have to wait about an hour to find the other two...

I will post more stuff very very shortly, with my latest camping trip, beach, sketches doodles, and personal life stuff.

I hope you all likey

1 comment:

  1. your animations show so much love and effort! : D