Oct 25, 2013

First Idea - 3rd Year

Apologies in advance for the spam of posts. I'm trying to clean up most of this crap off my computer. This is an old proposal of an idea I had for group film. Eventually we went with a different one which branched off from one I offered. However, not like this one at all. 

A basic synopsis: A young boy finds a glowing white ball and discovers it's alive. He begins chasing it, and while he's at it his life goes on. He grows up, goes to war, returns etc. Finally the ball slows down and stops beside a woman's feet. The boy and the young woman pick up the ball at the same time. She picks it up and gives it back to the boy. However, the now young man, looks at it and looks at the girl. He realises he found what he's looking for and tosses it behind him. Another child picks up the ball.

I might make this into a film of my own later on. Not for 4th year, but for myself in general.

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